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Thank you for your interest in stampingtop50.com the leading resource on the world wide web for the Stamping Industry.

Stampingtop50.com provides its users with free, fast access to a wide variety of goods and services from the full spectrum of the Stamping industry. From special events, conventions, trade shows, fairs, corporate news releases, HIA shows, and more Stampingtop50.com Lists the companies that make Stamping happen.

Advertising on
Stampingtop50.com offers its advertisers a variety of flexible and affordable advertising plans. The greatest advantage to advertising on Stampingtop50.com is buyers are seeking your goods and services in a receptive way.

Why advertise on the Internet?
The Internet is the fastest growing industry in the world. Internet advertising can't be matched by any other media such as television, radio or print. Advantages like target marketing , more accurate statistics and lower cost all contribute to the phenomenal explosion of the Internets popularity. As the Internet continues to grow and mature, people will rely more and more on its capabilities to operate their businesses and enhance their lives.

Who visits
Stampingtop50.com is designed as a comprehensive resource tool for the Stamping consumer (this web site offers links to them). Stampingtop50.com is dedicated to the thousands of people behind the scene who "make" Stamping the number one- Home and family craft in the World!

Stampingtop50.com offer listings for FREE?
Does Stampingtop50.com offer listings for FREE? Yes. Any Stamping related business with more than 30% of it's product dedicated to the Stamping industry, can submit their site for FREE. Site listings include site title (with hyperlink to your site) plus site description . Our special ranking logo, that you place at the bottom of your front page. Will record your standing and the higher the traffic on your site the higher your ranking on Stampingtop50.com.

To register your site go to add a site choose carefully the best descriptions for your product or service and follow the directions.

How does
Stampingtop50.com charge for advertising?
Terms like "impressions", "hits", and "click-through" are rampant on the Internet and are rather confusing. Here are a few important ones: Impressions are the number of times a visitor sees a page (and an advertisement) on the web site. Hits refers to the number of times a server is accessed and is virtually meaningless since each page, graphic, or page element could count as a "hit". A Click-through occurs when a visitor clicks on an advertisement, thereby linking the visitor to the advertiser's web site. The Click-through ratio is a mathematical term that indicates the success of a advertisement by dividing click-through by total impressions. The quality and content of an ad greatly affects this ratio.

Rotating Ads are the types of ads displayed at Stampingtop50.com which-means we display a different advertisement each time a page is accessed by a visitor.

What kind of ad programs are offered by
What kind of ad programs are offered by Stampingtop50.com? We currently offer two programs to choose from. Premier positioning at the top of the Home page or in the center of the home page and the Top of supporting pages through out the site. Advertisers may choose from 5 banner options: Full Banner (468 X 60 pixels), Half Banner (234 X 60 pixels) Button (125 X 125 pixels), Half Button (125 X 60 pixels) or Text Link. For more information on targeted ads for your business contact sales@Stampingtop50.com

What are the restrictions on
Stampingtop50.com reserves the right to refuse any advertising request, or to cancel advertisements that do not fulfill the obligations set forth in the advertising agreement. At this time, Stampingtop50.com does not accept advertising requests from organizations selling products or services related to adult material.

Advertising Rate Card
Contact sales@Stampingtop50.com or telephone (909) 764-9693 for current rates.

Advertising Terms
An insertion order must be filled out completely, signed and returned before an advertisement can go online. All fees due must be paid prior to ads appearing on line. All advertising sales are final. If you have any questions regarding our terms, please contact our advertising staff at sales@Stampingtop50.com or phone us at (909) 764-9693.

Submission Policy
Advertising materials are due at least one week prior to the start date and must comply with the specifications below. Please email all advertising materials to sales@Stampingtop50.com. When sending images, please be sure to include the complete URL of the accompanying link, as well as any appropriate ALT text for the advertising image.

Accepted Image Formats
We accept images in the GIF or JPG format. We will accept animated images in the GIF89a format, either in single or infinite animation loops. For standardization purposes, we do not accept ads that incorporate Java, Shockwave, Future Splash, video, sound or any other multimedia format other than GIF 89a animation. We do not accept MAP files. GIF images must contain no more than 256 colors. Images that incorporate the web palette are recommended, but not required.

Image Sizes and Dimensions
Image Sizes and Dimensions Stampingtop50.com has voluntarily elected to conform to CASIE/IAB Standard advertising image sizes. Full Banner ads must be 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high, Half Banner ads must be 234 pixels wide by 60 pixels high, and Buttons must be 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels high. All graphics must not exceed 15K in size.

If you have any questions regarding our technical specifications, please contact our advertising staff at sales@Stampingtop50.com or phone us at (909) 764-9693.

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